Jeremiah Massey

Jeremiah Massey was born in 22nd July 1982 in Detroit, Michigan. He is a naturalized Macedonian professional basketball player but originally from the United States. He currently plays for Real Madrid, a Spanish professional basketball team. He’s 6 ft 7 ½ in (2.02 m), weighing 235 lbs. (107 kg), he plays the power forward position.

Playing for the Kansas State Wildcats, he earned the Big 12 newcomer of the year honor in 2004. He was named to the 3rd and 2nd All Big 12 teams in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

He was selected 5th overall in the 2005 USBL draft. He started his professional basketball career in 2005 playing for AEL G.S. Larisa, a mid-level team in the Greek League. In the A1 Ethniki 2005-06 season he was the leading rebounder in the Greek League. This was the main reason why he was acquired by Aris, one of the top 3 teams in the Greek League, prior to the A1 Ethniki 2006-07 season. He was declared the most spectacular basketball player of the Euroleague 2006-07 season.

Massey signed a two-year contract extension through the year 2009 with his club Aris in the summer of 2007, but Aris sold his rights to Real Madrid in 2008. Massey is undersized by NBA standards for the power forward position at 6 ft 7 ½ in (2.02 m), but with the recent success of players like Paul Millsap of the Utah Jazz and Chuck Hayes of the Houston Rockets, NBA teams like the Boston Celtics have reportedly shown interest in signing Massey.

Playing for F.Y.R. Macedonia :

  • Ranks #19 in Steals (1.3)
  • Ranks #17 in Points Per Game (13.5)
  • Ranks #19 in Free Throws Percentage (74.2%)
  • Ranks #19 in Field Goals Made (4.7)
  • Ranks #15 in Free Throws Attempted (5.2)
  • Ranks #19 in 2 Pts Field Goal Percentage (45.6%)
  • Ranks #11 in Defensive Rebounds (4.3)
  • Ranks #18 in Blocked Shots (0.7)
  • Ranks #4 in Double-Doubles (2)
  • Ranks #10 in 2 Pts Field Goals Made (4.3)
  • Ranks #5 in 2 Pts Field Goals Attempted (9.5)
  • Ranks #9 in Field Goals Attempted (11.0)
  • Ranks #13 in Total Rebounds (6.0)
  • Ranks #9 in Free Throws Made (3.8)
  • Ranks #24 in Offensive Rebounds (1.7)

Head2Head Comparison with : “Tony Parker (France)”

T. Parker J. Massey
26.8 13.5 PPG
4.2 6.0 RPG
2.3 1.3 APG
56.9 45.6 FG2P%
44.8 22.2 FG3P%
69.0 74.2 FT%

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